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The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) (UK) is a non-profit making charitable organisation. It was formed in 1978 with three established branches situated in Birmingham, London and Nottingham.There are currently two branches, running London and Birmingham.

The founder Members of NAJ (UK) are:

Mrs Dorothy Turner, Ms Ruby Henlin, Mrs Christina Austin, Ms Curla Bruce, Ms Merrant Birch, Ms Enid Ramsey, Ms Herma Williams, Ms Sylvia Frankson. Ms Angela young.

One of the biggest assets of NAK (UK) is the membership, the diversity of skills, knowledge and experience, which provides a sound base to build on.

The Charity focuses on supporting and promoting the delivery of high quality healthcare to the community, and particularly,withinBlack and Ethnic Minority Groups through education and practical support.

The Charity has longevity of over 38 years, working with and supporting local communities as well as supporting projects overseas in Jamaica and the United Kingdom.NAJ (UK) has gained recognition locally, nationally and internationally for the work and support given to individual and organisations. These include:

Charitable Activities
Educational Conferences
Health Seminars in the community

The Charity offers support through grants and bursaries to support personal and educational development.

Supporting health and social care projects in Jamaica, Africa and the United Kingdom.

Offering support and advice onProfessional, Health and Social care issues.

Working in partnership with other Nurses Associations to raise awareness on health issues and access to health and social care in the community.

Working and supporting health initiates with the Jamaican High Commission



The object of the Association is to promote the study and practice of nursing, Midwifery and health visiting, through education, improved standards and carrying out research for the benefit of the public.

Our mission is to assist and support individuals or organisations to achieve their potential through accesses to facilities which enhances educational and health studies.

Our objectives are to improve the health of the community.

To promote the study and practice of nursing, midwifery and health visiting particularly through education and the application of research.



Our constitution sets out how the Nurses Association of Jamaica NAJ (UK) a charitable organisation will be governed. NAJ (UK) will with members, trustees, patrons and partners to achieve its charitable aims and objects for public benefit, in order to raise funds to advance the objects of NAJ (UK), sponsorship will be sought

To view our Constitution click here


We strive to promote the life chances of the less privileged, to build better communities that we can be proud of and to reach out to those in need. If you enjoy meeting people and fostering enduring friendships through service to others and to network with like minded people, as well as having fun, then NAJ (UK) is the organisation for you!

If you have any questions about our charity, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have friendly, knowledgeable representatives available to assist you.


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Head Office

Charmaine Case: 020 8251 7820

Paulette Lewis: 07800 076 549

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